A Rust-Belt City Might Elect a Socialist

India Walton would be the first socialist mayor around the country in over half a century.
Nostalgia Trap

Episode 292: The Prince w/ Ross Barkan

Ross Barkan is a journalist who has been covering New York state politics, in particular the governorship of Andrew Cuomo, for the last eight years.
The New York Times

The Quislings of Albany

...But as Ross Barkan, author of a new book on Cuomo, wrote in New York magazine, "At every turn, DeRosa and her colleagues enabled Cuomo’s predation...."

Andrew Cuomo's Reign Over New York w/ Ross Barkan

Sam and Emma host journalist Ross Barkan, writer of the Political Currents by Ross Barkan newsletter on Substack, to discuss his recent book The Prince: Andrew Cuomo, Coronavirus, and the Fall of New York, which covers the rollercoaster of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legacy since the start of the pandemic.
The Nation

The Scion

In The Prince: Andrew Cuomo, Coronavirus, and the Fall of New York, the journalist Ross Barkan, who has been covering Cuomo for years, examines his stunning rise and precipitous descent.

Ross Barkan: Eric Adams WEAPONIZES Race To Attack Yang, Cover Corporate Politics

Ross Barkan provides Krystal and Saagar with all we need to know about the NYC Mayoral primary, and he announces his new book about Andrew Cuomo that counters mainstream narratives.

Politics Podcast: Why Progressives Have Struggled In The NYC Mayoral Race

...Ross Barkan is a columnist for Jacobin and The Guardian. He ran unsuccessfully for a New York state Senate seat in 2018 and is the author of the new book The Prince: Andrew Cuomo, Coronavirus, and the Fall of New York....

Ross Barkan: What The F*** Is Going On In NYC Mayoral Race?

Ross Barkan returns to Breaking Points to talk with Krystal and Saagar about the chaos in the NYC Mayoral race.

Grading Cuomo's Pandemic Performance

Ross Barkan, journalism instructor at NYU and St. Joseph’s College, contributor to The Nation and New York magazine, and author of The Prince: Andrew Cuomo, Coronavirus, and the Fall of New York (OR Books June 29, 2021), argues that Governor Cuomo garnered more national praise than he deserved for his handling of the pandemic and that his delay to shut down New York City last March cost lives.
Useful Idiots

New Useful Idiots: Ross Barkan on the New York Mayoral Race and Cuomosexuals, Plus Whale Mouthwash, Republicans Hit the Pipe, and Jeff Bezos Should Eat the Mona Lisa

“This is kind of the Holy Grail for the left that can never quite get pulled off,” says Ross Barkan, author of The Prince: Andrew Cuomo, Coronavirus, and the Fall of New York. “It usually gets pulled off by moderates, or Barack Obama.”
Democracy Now!

Heated NYC Mayoral Primary Race Enters Final Days; City Uses Ranked-Choice Voting for First Time

Early voting is underway in a historic New York City Democratic primary election for mayor, 35 City Council seats and several other key races.
The Katie Halper Show

Andrew Yang, Andrew Cuomo, Freeze The Rent With Ross Barkan, Ava Farkas & New Yorker Sam

Journalist Ross Barkan, Housing Organizer Ava Farkas and New Yorker Sam Alcoff discuss the mayor's race.

New Yorkers Share Their Ranked-Choice-Voting Strategies

"From a left perspective, it’s a potentially dismal race in the sense that the candidate who might win may have little affinity for activists and for left movements in general..."

Episode 69 - The 69th Bridge Street Song

This week, we do a deep dive into NYC politics with some real New Yoykas: State Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani, tenant organizer Cea Weaver, & journalist Ross Barkan.
The New Republic

Andrew Cuomo, the Creepy Tyrant of Albany

Andrew Cuomo has been mired in scandal for weeks, for actions that, in some cases, date back years. To what extent has the governor’s bullying been hiding in plain sight?
Pod Damn America

Cuomosexual Conversion Therapy w/ Ross Barkan

Journalist and author Ross Barkan comes on the show to talk about the Prince of Darkness himself, Andrew Cuomo
Trickle-Down Socialism

Episode3: Ross Barkan on the Zero Sum Game that Democrats don't Know They're Playing

Pat interviews Ross Barkan on the present state of the American political Left and where the Left can go from here, especially in a Biden Presidency.
Rising Up With Sonali

Andrew Cuomo's Fall From Grace

When asked about whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign in the wake of multiple scandals, President Joe Biden on Sunday said he would like to wait for the outcome of an investigation that is underway.

Ross Barkan Talks Cuomo Scandals, COVID-19 & How Gov Blocked Progressive Measures

In this segment of This Week In Social Justice, journalist and author Ross Barkan dissects Gov. Andrew Cuomo's record, including his handling of COVID-19 and his role in preventing progressive reforms in New York.

Cuomo's Scandals w/ Ross Barkan, Climate Class War, & Personal Responsibility

Journalist Ross Barkan joins us to discuss the ongoing multiple scandals surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and we hear from IUPAT's General Vice President Jim Williams, whose union has been spearheading the campaign to pass the PRO Act.
Today, Explained

Andrew Cuomo's fall from grace

Andrew Cuomo was hailed for his leadership early on in the pandemic. Now, he's mired in scandal. Journalist Ross Barkan explains.

Ross Barkan: Cuomo’s DISASTROUS Vaccine Rollout Puts Elderly At Risk

Columnist, Ross Barkan, discusses the slow vaccination process in the state of New York.
The Indypendent

What We Learned in the Trump Era

We learned over the last four years that groups of people can’t be treated as monoliths and Democrats are fast losing the working class.

The Reason Some Say New York City Is Dead Forever

New York City was hit hard by the coronavirus. It was the epicenter of COVID-19 during the spring and summer of 2020. Thousands of residents and businesses have at least temporarily left America’s largest city. While the city is struggling with short term effects, experts warn the economic consequences could be permanent. This has lead to doomsday articles suggesting the city is dead forever.
House Party

Session 48 Pregame - Mayor League (ft. Ross Barkan)

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Ross Barkan on Running for Office and the Return of Socialism to New York

His experience running for state senate, the curse of fundraising, and how running for office destroys your social life, how small-dollar digital fundraising is fueling left-wing candidates, what a DSA endorsement means and why Ross thinks he didn’t get it.
The Katie Halper Show
The Open Mind on PBS, Hosted by Alexander Heffner

Calamity in New York

Journalist Ross Barkan discusses Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s responses to the pandemic.
Ring of Fire with Sam Seder

Dems Failing at Oversight; Behind the Curtain on Cuomo; Running for Congress During Covid-19

Nation Contributor, Ross Barkan, will be here to explain why…
The Comedy Cellar: Live From the Table
Hill TV's Rising, with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

The Nation Columnist: The real reason the media is obsessed with Andrew Cuomo

Ross Barkan, columnist for The Guardian and contributor to The…
The Nicole Sandler Show

A Cuomo Primer or Why Andrew Shouldn't be President

We welcome journalist Ross Barkan to the show, who has an article up at The Nation, "Cuomo Helped Get New York Into This Mess," that tells the real backstory of Andrew Cuomo, and how his austerity policies helped lead to the disaster currently unfolding in New York.

Joe Biden Wins Big on Super Tuesday

It was certainly a Super Tuesday for former vice president Joe Biden. Ross Barkan, columnist with The Guardian, joins us to discuss the results.

Bernie Sanders Leads Heading into the South Carolina Democratic Debate

Senator Bernie Sanders has emerged as the front-runner heading into Tuesday night's democratic debate. Ross Barkan, columnist at The Guardian, joins Cheddar to discuss what to expect on the stage.
The Real News Network

Progressive Leads Queens DA Race, Shocking the Establishment

31-year-old Public Defender Tiffany Caban ran an AOC-style grassroots campaign calling for an end to mass incarceration and radical reform to the prosecutor's office

Marijuana Legalization Hold Up

New Yorkers thought marijuana might be legal in the state by now, why the hold up?
New York Magazine Intelligencer

When Did Everyone Become a Socialist?

Ross Barkan, a 29-year-old local political journalist who ran unsuccessfully for State Senate in his native Bay Ridge last fall, told me he aggressively courted DSA’s endorsement as “one of the very few groups anywhere that can put a lot of bodies on the ground.”
Brooklyn Home Reporter

Solidarity Space Opens its Doors

On Nov. 14, former Democratic candidate for state Senate Ross Barkan, his staff and Bay Ridge residents officially opened Solidarity Space, a hub designed to cater to community organizations, artists, workshops, lectures, politics and “whatever else the community can dream up.”
Kings County Politics

Politics, Art & Action Mix Bay Ridge’s Solidarity Space

A former Democratic candidate for state senate in Southern Brooklyn refuses to let his primary loss earlier this year stop the progressive political movement from ending.

Insurgents: Adina Miles & Ross Barkan Take On 2018 Primaries

Two political rookies take on the 2018 Primary Elections. Follow Ross Barkan in his race for State Senate and Adina Miles (aka Flatbush Girl) in her race for District Leader all the way up to the election results.
The Atlantic

Who’s Left Covering Brooklyn With the Big Newspapers in Retreat?

“It’s definitely a distressing state of affairs. You have a borough of well over 2 million people without any sustained and expanded coverage from the daily newspapers,” said Ross Barkan, a former journalist who came up short in Thursday’s Democratic primary for a state Senate seat in Brooklyn.
The Nation

New York City Has ‘a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity’ to Create an Internet for All

Progressive candidates could lend the idea additional weight. Ross Barkan, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who is running for New York State Senate, recently tweeted in favor of a public Internet-service option.
AM New York

Young New York State Senate candidates see opportunity after Ocasio-Cortez win

Myrie, a lawyer and former legislative director in City Council, is among a handful of millennials running for the Senate, where most policies impacting New Yorkers are set, including . . . 28-year-old journalist Ross Barkan (District 22). . . .
The New York Times

Caught on Speed Camera, a Senator Who’d Like to Shut Them Down

Then, in May, with the prospect of an opponent in the general election, Ross Barkan, who favored them, Mr. Golden said he supported more cameras.

Opioids Are Not a 'Ghetto Drug,' 'Doctor's Kids' Are Addicted, Too, State Senator Says

Journalist Ross Barkan, who is running for Golden's seat, posted Golden's remark on Twitter.
The New York Times

A Routine Run In, Except for the Senator in the Passenger Seat

Ross Barkan, a former reporter for The New York Observer who announced his candidacy in October, called Mr. Golden unfit for office and a disgrace.

Ross Barkan Is An Ex-Journalist Running For State Senate On A Woman's Rights Platform

On Sunday, the New York Daily News reported that New York State Senate candidate Ross Barkan will announce a women's rights platform that focuses on addressing sexual harassment in the political environment and promoting women's issues.
New York Daily News

NYC political journalist Ross Barkan to challenge GOP state Sen. Martin Golden for seat

City political journalist Ross Barkan has decided to see politics from the other side — announcing Tuesday he will be running for state Senate against veteran Brooklyn Republican incumbent Martin Golden.
The Village Voice

Holy Crap, Ross Barkan Is Running for State Senate

Ross Barkan, who has covered city and state politics for the Voice, the Guardian, Gothamist, the Observer, and other publications since 2013, published an article at Medium this morning where he announced that he was entering the 2018 race for Republican Marty Golden’s New York state senate seat, as a Democrat.
New York Magazine Intelligencer

Journalist Ross Barkan on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media

"The odd thing at the Observer is they do give their writers and reporters a lot of independence. I really could decide and craft ways to approach the campaign...."
CNN Money

New York Observer loses top reporter over Trump coverage

Ross Barkan, the national political reporter at the Observer, announced Wednesday that he is leaving the paper over concerns with its coverage of Trump.
New York Post

Observer reporter resigns after magazine’s Trump endorsement

The national political reporter for the New York Observer resigned Wednesday because he was uncomfortable with the way the salmon-colored weekly covered Donald Trump, the father-in-law of publisher and real estate mogul Jared Kushner.

New York Observer political reporter quits over paper's Trump relationship

On Wednesday, one day after the New York Observer endorsed Donald Trump, the paper’s national political reporter, Ross Barkan, announced that he would leave the paper.