Medicare for All

We are in a healthcare emergency. Washington Republicans want to rip away the few protections we do have while cowardly New York politicians, unsurprisingly, are failing to protect us. Legislation to guarantee healthcare to all New Yorkers has been blocked in the State Senate and must be passed as soon as possible. Ross will battle to free our dying healthcare system from predatory insurance companies and bring the dream of universal coverage to all New Yorkers.

Money Out of Politics

Money is corrupting our political system. Ross is the only candidate in this race who rejects donations from corporations and real estate developers who put profit over people. He supports full campaign finance reform.

Stop Predatory Developers and Landlords

The real estate lobby controls City Hall and Albany. Developers have spent millions to eviscerate rent regulations, chase regular people out of our city, and build luxury condos that none of us can live in. Ross will stand up to predatory developers and landlords because he refuses all campaign cash from them. He will fight to protect and expand rent regulations so people who aren’t multimillionaires can live comfortably in the neighborhoods they call home. Ross will fight for universal rent control and the construction of housing that you can actually afford.

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About Ross Barkan

A lifelong resident of Bay Ridge, Ross Barkan is a journalist and writer recognized for his bold reporting and incisive commentary on New York’s failed political class. He’s unearthed corruption at City Hall, Albany, and in our home borough of Brooklyn. Ross has been unafraid to take on the powerful interests trying to screw over working class New Yorkers. Exposing firsthand how politicians fail us convinced him that he needed to step up to hold the system accountable from the inside.

Ross Barkan Campaign Office Opening