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Why the City Council Is Turning Against Uber

Last week, the new Speaker of the New York City Council made a rather startling admission: He made a mistake by not trying to restrain the growth of Uber when he had the chance a few years ago.
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The power of Simcha Felder

For the uninitiated, the New York State Senate is a true riddle: a concoction of conferences, shifting allegiances and mind-bending math. At the heart of it all is a senator who hails from Brooklyn and delights in his peculiar kingmaker status.
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Here Are All the Reforms the Cuomo Budget Punts On

In Albany, a budget is not simply a budget. It is a vast matrix, a behemoth stew, the mashup of unfathomable sums of money ($168 billion this year) and specific, often unrelated policies. Horses are not merely traded; they are herded and hidden and sometimes euthanized on a whim.
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The teachers' strike in West Virginia represents rare hope in dark times

Beyond the gross cacophony of the Trump White House, where inane palace intrigue continues to transfix the nation, a very important story is taking place. While the mainstream media has just caught up, it has been months, if not years, in the making – a revolt that may just signal the actual, much-deserved revenge of the working class.
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Giving guns to teachers? That's an army we don't need – or want

Before I fell into journalism and writing, I taught in classrooms. In college, I studied to be an English teacher, and I was a substitute teacher in New York City. It was a gratifying experience that came just before the most recent wave of horrific school shootings, including Sandy Hook and Parkland.
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Lhota’s $836M “Action Plan” Is Drop in Bucket for Needed Subway Fixes

Joe Lhota, the chairman of the MTA, released his $836 million “action plan” to fix the subways today, asking New York City to split the costs on fixing a deteriorating system it does not control, and probably never will. There were enough bright ideas bundled into Lhota’s rescue package — fixing signals and maintenance, adding workers, removing seats to fit more people on board, repositioning emergency response personnel for problematic tracks — that it would add up to a decent first step if Lhota didn’t insist on the city footing a bill for a problem that it didn’t cause and shouldn’t have to solve.
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The biggest threat to journalism isn't Donald Trump. It's declining revenues

Amid the litany of laments over how Donald Trump’s nearly-there or full-blown fascist White House is ending the free press as we know it, the Baltimore City Paper quietly announced this month it was going to shut down. Well, not so quietly if you live in the area and care about a paper with a 40-year legacy of investigative reporting and arts coverage. For the city of Baltimore, it’s a devastating loss.
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New York Democrats Aren’t Trying Very Hard To Elect New York Democrats

The New York State Democratic Committee, the party organization charged, in theory, with electing as many Democrats as possible across the state, is getting busier these days. On Tuesday, the party and its de facto leader, Governor Andrew Cuomo, hosted a rally for House Democrats, vowing to turn the state’s congressional delegation completely blue. “We promise you if you violate your office, you defraud the voters, you hurt the people of this state — we will remove you from office,” Cuomo boomed at the Javits Center. “Those are not just words. You can bet your political life.”
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The Queens Machine That Turns Foreclosures Into Cash

The three lawyers who run one of the largest Democratic organizations in America have more than one way to get rich.
New York Daily News

Three lawyers control Queens Democratic Party while one rakes millions from Surrogate’s Court wills

For 30 years, the same three men have effectively controlled one of the largest Democratic organizations in America.
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Albany Will Stay Broken, and the Growing Independent Democratic Conference Is a Big Reason Why

On Wednesday, State Senator Jose Peralta, a man who owes his seat in Queens to the very hard work of many volunteers and Democratic operatives who fought for their party to one day control the State Senate, joined the Independent Democratic Conference. He became the IDC’s eighth member, cementing the caucus as a fixture of New York politics for years to come and guaranteeing that a beleaguered, anti-everything Republican majority will always have a lifeline.
The New York Times

Transformation on Brooklyn’s Southern Shore

When Hurricane Sandy lashed the New York coastline and drowned neighborhoods like Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, there was some chatter about retreating from the waterfront.

Is Chuck Schumer the Right Man to Lead the Senate?

Harry Reid's anointed successor, Mr. Schumer has worked tirelessly behind (and in front of) the scenes. The story behind the Empire State's power broker.