We are in a healthcare emergency. Washington Republicans want to rip away the few protections we do have while cowardly New York politicians, unsurprisingly, are failing to protect us. Legislation to guarantee healthcare to all New Yorkers has been blocked in the State Senate and must be passed as soon as possible. Ross will battle to free our dying healthcare system from predatory insurance companies and bring the dream of universal coverage to all New Yorkers.


Everyone knows our transportation system is in a state of crisis. The MTA, a state authority controlled by Governor Cuomo, is a failed bureaucracy. We need to stop spending money on inane projects, like pretty lights on bridges, and invest in a computerized signaling system to make the trains, like the R and D, run on time. We must raise new revenue for the MTA while reforming their wasteful spending practices.


Corruption pervades all levels of government. Senators can use campaign funds to pay for gift shop trinkets and lavish banquets at the catering halls they own. Thanks to loopholes, millionaires and billionaires can donate virtually unlimited amounts of cash. Ross believes legislating should be a full-time job, with no outside income. Donations must be strictly capped and loopholes must be closed. The Board of Elections must become a true enforcement arm and cleared of all patronage.