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New York City Has ‘a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity’ to Create an Internet for All

Progressive candidates could lend the idea additional weight. Ross Barkan, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who is running for New York State Senate, recently tweeted in favor of a public Internet-service option. "Internet should be provided as a public utility," he told The Nation. "[T]he current arrangements are exploitive and predatory."
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Young New York State Senate candidates see opportunity after Ocasio-Cortez win

"Trump really changed everything for people," said Barkan, of Bay Ridge. "Most of us understand we can't wait on the sidelines anymore. Donald Trump is president, he is stacking the Supreme Court with right-wing justices, ICE is breaking up families and targeting immigrants of color. It's a very scary time, and it's also a time to organize and fight back."
New York Daily News

Young Brooklyn Democratic state Senate candidates cross-endorsing each other

A pair of Brooklyn progressive state Senate Democratic candidates is set to announce on Thursday they will back each other’s bids. The two 20-someting first-time candidates are Julia Salazar and Ross Barkan.
The New York Times

Caught on Speed Camera, a Senator Who’d Like to Shut Them Down

Golden "was against them being used at all in 2013, and said the solution to speeders was to put more police officers on the street. Then he agreed to a pilot program. Earlier this year, he was against the camera law being renewed and expanded. Then, in May, with the prospect of an opponent in the general election, Ross Barkan, who favored them, Mr. Golden said he supported more cameras."
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Barkan Tells Golden to Improve MTA for Disabled

Democratic State Senate candidate Ross Barkan said he talked to the people of his district, and they said they wanted to see changes in their community, one being an improvement to the city’s transportation system.
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NY Senator on Disability Pension Goes Skydiving

"In general, he's shown a disregard for both the spirit and letter of laws whether we talk about district our traffic laws, pedestrian safety," said Barkan. "That's really where my concerns lie."
New York Daily News

State Sen. Marty Golden skydives while receiving NYPD disability pension

One of Golden's opponents in the Democratic primary, Ross Barkan, was reluctant to assess Golden's disability. But he said the state senator lacked respect for other rules. "Golden has a blatant disregard for traffic laws, for pedestrian safety, and for anyone who is getting in his way," said Barkan, a journalist running for office who has written for The News. "He doesn't care what the laws are or what people think."

Bay Ridge Bike Crash Spurs Response from Local Politicians

Bay Ridge local and State Senate hopeful Ross Barkan, running for the Democratic nomination in the 22nd District, also released a statement following the crash. . . . Barkan called on the city to expand the speed camera program—a common refrain from many politicians—and to redesign streets for traffic calming. . . . “This epidemic of vehicles striking pedestrians and cyclists must end now. Safe streets are non-negotiable,” said Barkan. “We need answers and accountability. We need actual solutions. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.”
Brooklyn Paper

Dems vying for Ridge state Senate seat blast Bklyn GOP for inviting alleged neo-Nazi to gala

"The Republican Party is a personality cult built around the heinous presidency of Donald Trump. It’s not exactly surprising Brooklyn’s Republicans would invite a foot soldier of hate to our borough," said Bay Ridgite Ross Barkan. "Sebastian Gorka is a neo-Nazi, an Islamophobe, and a disgraceful extremist. He doesn’t belong anywhere near Brooklyn. The Republican Party of Brooklyn is fund-raising off hate, fear, and shameless bigotry."
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GOP Fundraiser With Gorka Has Barkan Crying Foul

“Sebastian Gorka is a neo-Nazi, an Islamophobe, and a disgraceful extremist. He doesn’t belong anywhere near Brooklyn, New York. The Republican Party of Brooklyn is fundraising off hate, fear, and shameless bigotry,” Barkan said in a press release, “Marty Golden must disavow and condemn this fundraiser immediately. If he does not, he is endorsing the viewpoints of some of the most bigoted people in American society.”

Barkan Promises To Fight For Free Tuition & Fair Pay At SUNY & CUNY

Ross Barkan, a graduate of Stony Brook University who is running for New York State Senate seat representing District 22, has released his education platform, promising to fight for free tuition, “no strings attached”, for New York state residents attending City University of New York (CUNY) or State University of New York (SUNY) schools. He also insists that the schools be fully funded – both teaching staff and capital expenditures – and proposes that one way to do that may be to legalize and tax marijuana.

State Senate Candidate Ross Barkan and Dave Colon on New York Politics

Ross Barkan, Bay Ridge native and Democratic candidate for the NY State Senate District 22 Seat, joins Jarrett Murphy to talk his legislative plans, his shift from journalism to politics, Governor Cuomo and the MTA, and more.
New York Post

State senator’s aide fired for comparing Parkland survivor to Hitler

Ross Barkan, a Democrat running against Golden, had called on Republican incumbent to fire Testaverde for the vile posts. “Anti-Semites, racists, and far-right conspiracy theorists have for years opposed common-sense gun control measures by invoking the name of Adolf Hitler. As the great-grandson of Jews who fled anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, I am deeply mortified that a staffer for the state senator who represents me would endorse such vile viewpoints,” Barkan said.
New York Daily News

Brooklyn State Sen. Martin Golden under fire after aide compares Dems, Parkland survivor to Nazis

“As the great-grandson of Jews who fled anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, I am deeply mortified that a staffer for the state senator who represents me would endorse such vile viewpoints,” Democrat Ross Barkan said.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Why I don’t love Marty Golden, and why you shouldn’t, too

A writer by the name of John Alexander published an opinion piece in the Brooklyn Eagle defending the record of his favorite state Senator, Martin “Marty” J. Golden. This piece seemed to be triggered by a recent wave of controversy that has, once again, made the public aware of Golden’s disturbing track record.
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Barkan Releases Plan To Tackle Opioid Crisis

Candidate Ross Barkan (D) looking to unseat long-time incumbent State Sen. Marty Golden (R- Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Marine Park and Manhattan Beach) released a seven-point plan yesterday to tackle the opioid crisis plaguing his neighborhood and senatorial district he is looking to win.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Barkan’s education plan stresses school funding

Barkan vowed to reduce overcrowding in schools, fight for the city’s fair share of education dollars from the state, halt the expansion of charter schools and fight for permanent mayoral control of public schools, among other items.

Opioids Are Not a 'Ghetto Drug,' 'Doctor's Kids' Are Addicted, Too, State Senator Says

Journalist Ross Barkan, who is running for Golden's seat, posted Golden's remark on Twitter.
The New York Times

A Routine Run In, Except for the Senator in the Passenger Seat

Ross Barkan, a former reporter for The New York Observer who announced his candidacy in October, called Mr. Golden unfit for office and a disgrace.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Bay Ridge senate candidate says senior citizens are at risk

The steps Barkan outlined include building a new senior citizens center, putting a rent freeze on rent controlled apartments, making all subway stations handicap accessible and establishing a “Medicare for All” system to bring down skyrocketing prescription drug prices.

Barkan Says: Stop Overdevelopment of Southern Brooklyn’s Flood-Prone Waterfronts

Barkan is making climate change and flood resiliency a major focus of his campaign, along with transportation. His plan, released this morning, includes pledges to fight for a new Southern Brooklyn storm barrier, stop overdevelopment of our waterfronts, promote policies that cut carbon emissions and demand divestment from fossil fuels.

Ross Barkan Is An Ex-Journalist Running For State Senate On A Woman's Rights Platform

Barkan's express intent to create a women-specific platform, particularly one dedicated to stopping sexual harassment in politics, is unique. Barkan is a political journalist who decided to run for the State Senate to represent the 22nd district in Brooklyn, where he grew up. Barkan, a Democrat, made his announcement in a Medium post earlier in November, saying that, as a journalist, he knows how to "hold power to account," but that sometimes, to be most effective, one must hold people to account from inside the political system.
New York Daily News

State Senate candidate to introduce women's rights agenda meant to combat workplace harassment

A Brooklyn Democratic state Senate candidate wants to bring "if you see something, say something" to the state capital when it comes to sexual harassment. Ross Barkan, a journalist looking to challenge Republican incumbent Sen. Martin Golden, is set to unveil a women’s rights agenda that includes his pledge to call out any workplace harassment he sees in the Legislature.

Muckraking journalist runs for Brooklyn Senate seat

It sometimes happens during campaign season — a journalist who covers politicians, actually becomes one. That's now the case for one reporter who is now hoping to represent part of Brooklyn in the state Senate.
The Village Voice

Holy Crap, Ross Barkan Is Running for State Senate

Ross Barkan, who has covered city and state politics for the Voice, the Guardian, Gothamist, the Observer, and other publications since 2013, published an article at Medium this morning where he announced that he was entering the 2018 race for Republican Marty Golden’s New York state senate seat, as a Democrat.