Kate Willett & Melba Pearson & Ross Barkan

Dems Failing at Oversight; Behind the Curtain on Cuomo; Running for Congress During Covid-19

Nation Contributor, Ross Barkan, will be here to explain why we just barely need to scratch the surface to see how New York Governor Cuomo, helped get us into this mess.

The Comedy Cellar: Live From the Table

The Nation Columnist: The real reason the media is obsessed with Andrew Cuomo

Ross Barkan, columnist for The Guardian and contributor to The Nation, talks about how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tried to slash Medicare funding in the state before Coronavirus.

A Cuomo Primer or Why Andrew Shouldn’t be President

We welcome journalist Ross Barkan to the show, who has an article up at The Nation, “Cuomo Helped Get New York Into This Mess,” that tells the real backstory of Andrew Cuomo, and how his austerity policies helped lead to the disaster currently unfolding in New York.

Joe Biden Wins Big on Super Tuesday

It was certainly a Super Tuesday for former vice president Joe Biden. Ross Barkan, columnist with The Guardian, joins us to discuss the results.

Bernie Sanders Leads Heading into the South Carolina Democratic Debate

Senator Bernie Sanders has emerged as the front-runner heading into Tuesday night’s democratic debate. Ross Barkan, columnist at The Guardian, joins Cheddar to discuss what to expect on the stage.

Progressive Leads Queens DA Race, Shocking the Establishment

31-year-old Public Defender Tiffany Caban ran an AOC-style grassroots campaign calling for an end to mass incarceration and radical reform to the prosecutor’s office

Marijuana Legalization Hold Up

New Yorkers thought marijuana might be legal in the state by now, why the hold up?

When Did Everyone Become a Socialist?

Ross Barkan, a 29-year-old local political journalist who ran unsuccessfully for State Senate in his native Bay Ridge last fall, told me he aggressively courted DSA’s endorsement as “one of the very few groups anywhere that can put a lot of bodies on the ground.”