Progressive Leads Queens DA Race, Shocking the Establishment

31-year-old Public Defender Tiffany Caban ran an AOC-style grassroots campaign calling for an end to mass incarceration and radical reform to the prosecutor’s office

Marijuana Legalization Hold Up

New Yorkers thought marijuana might be legal in the state by now, why the hold up?

When Did Everyone Become a Socialist?

Ross Barkan, a 29-year-old local political journalist who ran unsuccessfully for State Senate in his native Bay Ridge last fall, told me he aggressively courted DSA’s endorsement as “one of the very few groups anywhere that can put a lot of bodies on the ground.”

Solidarity Space Opens its Doors

On Nov. 14, former Democratic candidate for state Senate Ross Barkan, his staff and Bay Ridge residents officially opened Solidarity Space, a hub designed to cater to community organizations, artists, workshops, lectures, politics and “whatever else the community can dream up.”

Politics, Art & Action Mix Bay Ridge’s Solidarity Space

A former Democratic candidate for state senate in Southern Brooklyn refuses to let his primary loss earlier this year stop the progressive political movement from ending.

Insurgents: Adina Miles & Ross Barkan Take On 2018 Primaries

Two political rookies take on the 2018 Primary Elections. Follow Ross Barkan in his race for State Senate and Adina Miles (aka Flatbush Girl) in her race for District Leader all the way up to the election results.

Who’s Left Covering Brooklyn With the Big Newspapers in Retreat?

“It’s definitely a distressing state of affairs. You have a borough of well over 2 million people without any sustained and expanded coverage from the daily newspapers,” said Ross Barkan, a former journalist who came up short in Thursday’s Democratic primary for a state Senate seat in Brooklyn.

New York City Has ‘a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity’ to Create an Internet for All

Progressive candidates could lend the idea additional weight. Ross Barkan, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who is running for New York State Senate, recently tweeted in favor of a public Internet-service option.

Young New York State Senate candidates see opportunity after Ocasio-Cortez win

Myrie, a lawyer and former legislative director in City Council, is among a handful of millennials running for the Senate, where most policies impacting New Yorkers are set, including . . . 28-year-old journalist Ross Barkan (District 22). . . .

Caught on Speed Camera, a Senator Who’d Like to Shut Them Down

Then, in May, with the prospect of an opponent in the general election, Ross Barkan, who favored them, Mr. Golden said he supported more cameras.