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My Criminal Justice Reform Platform

This is, in many ways, the golden era of criminal justice reform. The tough-on-crime policies that drove a mass incarceration epidemic during the 1970s and 80s are no longer in vogue. Even some conservatives acknowledge we jailed too many people of color, destroying communities for minor infractions or none at all. With crime at historic […]

OPINION: Why I don’t love Marty Golden, and why you shouldn’t, too

A writer by the name of John Alexander published an opinion piece in the Brooklyn Eagle defending the record of his favorite State Senator, Martin “Marty” J. Golden. This piece seemed to be triggered by a recent wave of controversy that has, once again, made the public aware of Golden’s disturbing track record. Last month, Golden […]

My Education Platform

Before I ran for office and before I entered journalism, I wanted to be a teacher. I relished being in the classroom, sharing with students my love of the written and spoken word. As an undergraduate at Stony Brook University, I majored in English education and obtained my certification to teach in New York high […]

Bigotry and Politics

How does a politician represent people? How does a single individual with a single upbringing and worldview entirely influenced by a particular culture, class, religion or race seek to speak for, stand up for, or listen to everyone? It’s not a simple task. It’s especially a challenge for a politician who hasn’t endured the discrimination, […]

Who Is Fit to Hold Office?

I have lived in Bay Ridge for almost my entire life. I’ve walked in Ragamuffin Parades, pitched in the 68th Precinct little league (team Gold), and spent many an afternoon and night biking this lovely neighborhood, winding down from the promenade to Shore Road and up 3rd, 4th, and 5th Avenues, taking in the place […]

My Senior Citizens Platform

Brooklyn can be a challenging place to live, especially if you’re older. Rents are rising. Traffic is getting worse. The trains and buses don’t run like they used to — or they don’t run at all. As I campaign for State Senate, I think often about how I can try to make the lives of people in my district […]