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My Climate Change Platform

I remember that night, now more than five years ago, too well. I was in Bay Ridge, nervously watching TV and checking Twitter. Reports worsened by the hour. Fires in the Rockaways. Massive flooding on Long Island and New Jersey. Many feared dead. I was lucky. My neighborhood was above sea level and my apartment […]

My Women’s Rights Platform

Despite the knowledge I’ve accumulated as a journalist and cynical New Yorker, I’ve learned in the past few weeks just how naive my conception of the world has been. In part that was because of my own life experiences, living with the privilege of being someone who has never been sexually harassed, raped, or demeaned. […]

My Transportation Plan

One of the fun things about running for office is proposing solutions for serious problems. As a journalist, I could do this all the time, but it always came down to someone else — an elected official, an empowered bureaucrat, or some other influential person — listening to these ideas and weighing whether they should even consider implementing them. […]

Why I’m Running for Office

I never liked politics much growing up. I was obsessed with baseball and, later on, literature. I spent a long time wondering why anyone would waste their time thinking too much about politics. I didn’t join a Democratic club in college or canvass for extra cash. Back then, I couldn’t tell you anything about the […]

The Village Voice: Albany Will Stay Broken, and the Growing Independent Democratic Conference Is a Big Reason Why

On Wednesday, State Senator Jose Peralta, a man who owes his seat in Queens to the very hard work of many volunteers and Democratic operatives who fought for their party to one day control the State Senate, joined the Independent Democratic Conference. He became the IDC’s eighth member, cementing the caucus as a fixture of New York politics […]