About Ross

About Ross Barkan

Ross Barkan is an award-winning investigative journalist and educator recognized for his bold reporting and incisive commentary on New York’s spineless political class. As a columnist for the Village Voice and the Guardian, and as a contributor to many other leading publications, Ross has been unafraid to take on the powerful interests trying to screw over working class New Yorkers.

Exposing firsthand how politicians fail us convinced Ross that he needed to step up to hold the system accountable from the inside. His reporting has unearthed corruption at City Hall, Albany, and in his home borough of Brooklyn. Tirelessly scrutinizing local machine politics, our ailing transportation system, and the unscrupulous state legislature, Ross has distinguished himself as one of the rare journalists willing to speak truth to power.

After a stint at the Queens Tribune, Ross was first a City Hall reporter and then a national political reporter with the New York Observer. He covered the 2013 mayoral race, Bill de Blasio’s first years in office, and various congressional and gubernatorial races. As a national reporter, he traveled across the country writing about the 2016 presidential race, producing one of the very first in-depth profiles of a certain Vermont senator named Bernie Sanders.

In April 2016, disturbed that his editor at the Observer was aiding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Ross resigned, garnering national media attention. Shortly afterwards, he became a contributor to the Village Voice and wrote for a wide variety of publications, including the New York Times, Daily News, Esquire, New York Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, and the New Yorker. Ross was also the recipient of the New York Press Club’s award for distinguished newspaper commentary.

A lifelong resident of Bay Ridge, Ross earned a B.A. in English Education from Stony Brook University. He earned an M.A. in English Literature from NYU while working as a substitute teacher at Fort Hamilton High School. He still lives in Bay Ridge, just off Shore Road, with his partner, Vanessa.